Choosing the Best Crochet Yarn for Beginners – What to Know

Once you really get into crochet, you might find yourself as a self proclaimed yarn collector but first you should know the best crochet yarn for beginners. It is almost inevitable with all the colors, thicknesses and different fibers to use for your projects. The issue is that it is all a big confusing as a beginner. You walk into a yarn store or craft store like Joann’s but row after row of yarn can be intimidating.

We’ll help explain the different types of yarn, which yarn is good for individual projects and let you know the best crochet yarn for beginners.

best brands of yarn for beginners

What Types of Crochet Yarn Are There?

Surprising there are a bunch of crochet yarns but they are often variants of a few. When we say variants, we mean there are a lot of animal hair yarns you can choose from and some get very exotic!

Here is a list of some of the many crochet yarns –

  • Acrylic Crochet Yarn – A synthetic yarn made from a plastic compound called acryonile.
  • Polyester Crochet Yarn – A synthetic yarn made from a chemical reaction using petroleum.
  • Wool Crochet Yarn – A natural yarn made from animals like sheep although it includes all camelid animals.
  • Cotton Crochet Yarn – A natural yarn made from the cotton plant.

While these aren’t all inclusive, they are some of the most popular yarns you will see as a beginner. It still leaves the question, which should you use? We’ll get to that soon.

Choosing the Best Yarn For Your Crochet Project

Choosing beginner crochet yarn. Balls of yarn.

Can any yarn be used for a crochet project? Yes. Should it be? No. When picking the best yarn for your crochet project as a beginner, you need to consider what you will be making. Also when you are just starting out, it doesn’t make sense to buy an expensive yarn, only to be making mistakes in your stitches. Lastly, if you are practicing something like a granny square, there is no need to go out an buy a top of the line merino wool.

For beginner projects like granny squares and some crochet balls, acrylic yarn will be one of the cheapest and best choices. As you hone in your stitches and progress to a project like a hat, you’ll want to splurge a bit for a nicer wool. Yarns like alpaca and merino are much more than acrylic per skein but they will also be warmer and more comfortable.

Polyester and cotton are good alongside acrylic yarn to make projects like crochet plushies. In fact we often find cotton or acrylic to be the best yarn for crochet plushies. We even have a few beginner projects you can try here if that interests you!

The 5 Best Brands of Yarn That Every Beginner Should Know

With so many brands of yarn, should you stick to just one? We don’t think so! It is part of the fun of crochet to try different yarns and amass a collection of yarns. Five of the brands that are great for beginners include –

  1. Lions Brand – nice for all projects
  2. Loops & Threads – Nice selection of wool yarns
  3. Red Heart – on the cheap end but great for projects
  4. Bernat – Wonderful for blankets
  5. Caron – They have some very soft skeins

You can really get these brands anywhere online but two places to see them in person are Michaels and Joanns. They usually stock all sorts of colors if you are a beginner and looking to get into crochet.

Pro Tip: If you want to find some of these yarns on the cheap, visit your local thrift store or Goodwill and you can often find some skeins. Often it is an exciting hunt for new yarn!

Which Crochet Yarn Should You Use?

So which should you use? It depends! You need to consider the project you are making, your budget and if you want a natural or synthetic yarn. Some people are natural yarn purists. They won’t use a synthetic yarn. There is nothing wrong with synthetic yarns when practicing or making projects like crochet plushies. We use it all the time. Often times you will hear the term worst weighted. That just means medium thickness. On a scale of 1-7, it is a 4.

The best advice is to go into the store, feel a bunch of different yarns and make a selection. From that you’ll get comfortable and it is easy to order yarns online after but beginners should visit a store.

Key Term: Worst weighted just means a medium yarn that is all purpose. Look for a number 4.

Conclusion on the Best Crochet Yarn for Beginners

Picking yarn is always fun. Don’t let it be intimidating as a beginner and now you should have a good idea of what to look for as well. You get to choose the best yarn as a beginner in crochet. We’d probably say a medium acrylic is the best crochet yarn for beginners when starting out but try a few types and sizes then be the judge.

Once you pick out your yarn, you’ll be ready to learn some stitches or do a project. Have you completed a crochet ball or learned the double crochet yet? If not, be sure to check them out!