Crochet Lessons Near Me [Where to Find Crochet Classes]

Finding crochet lessons near me, doesn’t need to be hard. In fact you can now take crochet lessons in person or at home. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced, taking crochet classes is a great way to advance your skills. There are all sorts of crochet classes including, basic crochet stitches, amigurumi stuffed toys and even advanced patterns. Read on and we will explore if you should take beginner crochet classes in person or online.

Crochet clutch from crochet lessons near me.
Crochet clutch. Photo Credit: Buttontree Lane (Flickr CC)

Two Ways to Take Crochet Lessons

The two ways to take crochet lessons are in-person and online. Beginners often search for, “beginners crochet classes near me or crochet lessons for beginners near me” only to end up taking online crochet lessons. Why is that?

Do you really want to drive to an in-person crochet lesson when you can take online crochet lessons at your own pace? There are even some free online crochet lessons. You don’t have to pay, you don’t have to drive and you can go at your own pace. What’s not to love aside from not having a live instructor?

In-person classes are good if you have exhausted online crochet lessons and classes or if you are looking for specialized crochet classes. But, as we mention here in a bit, even finding specialized crochet classes in person can be tricky. Just think of how many more resources you have access to online.

Learning How to Crochet with Virtual Crochet Lessons

If virtual sounds great, where do you start? Skillshare is one of the best platforms we recommend aside from YouTube. When taking basic crochet lessons on Youtube, you have no skin in the game. While skillshare is a few bucks, you’ll find a few things there that you won’t on Youtube –

  • Well designed crochet courses for beginners
  • You’ll be motivated to complete the courses since you have paid for them
  • More advanced crochet courses

Typically speaking, you can search around and around on Youtube but if you want a well-designed online crochet course for beginners then choosing a course on a platform like Skillshare can immediately get you started or level you up.

There are more courses than you could ever complete and they are broken out into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. You’ll never get into anything that is too far over your head or under your skill level.

On top of that, you can read the reviews before you start so unlike a Youtube video or in-person class, you’ll know it is going to cover the topic you are looking for and have good quality even before starting. The saying is true, “you get what you pay for” but that isn’t always true with in-person classes.

Learning How to Crochet With Youtube, Online

Cute amigurumi dolls from crochet class.
Adorable amigurumis. Photo Credit: Aran2007 (Flickr CC)

While there are plenty of great Youtubers and resources to learn crochet from, you might find yourself searching for one specific crochet technique but then left to find that the same Youtuber is missing another crucial technique. You don’t run into this issue with start to finish beginner crochet lessons online or in person.

So while you can learn how to crochet with Youtube, we often recommend it as a tool to visit back on after you have your skills established. It is also a great resource for inspiration and to find new patterns.

Crochet Classes for Near Me: Where to Take Crochet Classes

Some of the best place to find, “crochet courses for beginners near me or even private crochet lessons near me” is as follows –

    • Your local art store

    • Michaels

    • Joann Fabric

    • Hobby Lobby

    • Meta/Facebook marketplace

    • Craigslist

    • Community colleges

Can you get private crochet lessons online? Absolutely, but some people prefer to have in-person private tutors for crochet.

To find private tutors for crochet, you can’t rely on free online crochet lessons or even group classes. We only recommend private crochet tutors if you are really getting hung up or want to learn a new crochet discipline. Even then, you can often find someone to meet with you online.

Learning to Crochet in Person with Evening Crochet Classes

Amigurumi crochet monster

Amigurumi monster. Photo Credit: Raul Ramirez (Flickr CC)

If you have tried learning crochet online and are resorting to classes “near me” or you, then evening crochet classes are going to be the most common. You may find it fun and sociable to be matched up with other beginner crocheters and an instructor or you could find it frustrating that the instructor is spending their time with someone who just can’t “get it”.

When learning to crochet in person, make sure you compare a few of the places you can take classes and take note of how large the class size is. It’s always better to have a smaller class size than a large one when learning to crochet.

Know What You Want to Make When Determining Where To Take Crochet Classes

Just keep in mind, with an online crochet class, you don’t have to commute, you can do it on your own time and often you’ll be able to access forever.

In-person crochet classes are often reserved for beginner classes, intermediate and advanced. You may see some specialty classes or amigurumi but it is much harder to come by unless you live in a city where there are a lot of places to choose from.

If you feel limited in finding in-person crochet classes then at least give online a try. The time you’ll save in driving alone will give you a lot more time to practice and make your projects.

Final Thoughts on Crochet Lessons Near Me

Crochet lessons near me, can be as close as your computer in this day and age. It has never been easier to take basic crochet lessons online or learn how to make amigurumi stuffed toys from the comfort of your own home. If you haven’t tried it then you should give an online crochet course a try.

Some people just prefer the in-person classes though. Let us know if you have found success learning crochet online or if you stick to taking crochet lessons in person.

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    1. Hi Lori!

      Thanks for the feedback, we are actually putting out a guide in just a few weeks on reading crochet patterns. Stick with us and come back soon 🙂

    1. Hi Altonia,

      We’re actually in the works on some virtual workshops and classes. You’d be able to follow these different skill levels at any time on the weekends. Does this interest you?

      Another alternative is usually a local shop like Joann’s. They usually have some weekend classes to get started in crochet or level up your crochet skills.

      1. Hi Mitcheline,

        Thanks for letting us know! We just fixed it this morning. We’re going to roll out classes in the near future. We can drop you an email when we do if you’d like. Hopefully you find the YouTube Videos we roll out helpful in the meanwhile.

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  1. I have been knitting and crocheting for years but the directions in part of this pattern is driving me crazy, The pattern is for a French bulldog. I have the head and all parts finished except for the body …I have pulled out the bottom section 2 times and it still does not look like the pattern for adding the legs. Is there someone who could help?

    1. Hi Alice,

      John here from Yarrney. Could you kindly send us a link to the pattern you are trying to do and we can look into it? Maybe something will stick out to our eyes!

      We’re happy to solve it with you and can even jump on a virtual call if you want to troubleshoot and we don’t see the issue in the pattern.

    1. Hi CJ,

      Best to leverage off of Youtube for classes or a library or community center. 🙂

      We’ll have our own classes coming soon and would love for you to try them.

  2. Hello.
    I’m new to crocheting but anxious to learn. I’ve tried following a few online tutorials, but a just getting frustrated by not understanding all the basics& abbreviations. Help!

    1. Hey Kelly!

      I totally get the feeling. The abbreviations were tough at the start but we try to add them into all our tutorials. You’ll have them memorized in no time! If you are just getting started, I’d recommend subscribing on YouTube to Yarrney and checking out these beginner videos:

      I’ll be sure to put out a tutorial the the beginner abbreviations soon. 🙂

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