Amigurumi Hook Size & Yarn Size for Crochet

Choosing an amigurumi hook size is the first thing you need to do along with selecting the color of the yarn and yarn size you want to use for your project. Arguably one of the most exciting steps in amigurumi is picking your yarn color and size. Without matching the correct amigurumi hook size to your yarn size, you won’t get the best result in your project. Your stitches could be too loose or tight if you don’t use the right crochet hook size.

We are going to break it down so it takes all the guessing out of your project. You’ll be able to pick the best crochet hooks for amigurumi, choose the correct amigurumi hook size and even get the right yarn size for crochet.

Amigurumi Hook Size

Amigurumi Hook Size and Yarn Size Chart

Yarn weights or also called sizes are important to understand for amigurumi but also crochet in general. It is one of the most confusing areas for beginners to learn aside from the stitches but it doesn’t have to be.

Understanding the right crochet hook size is going to let you do the following three things –

  • Match the crochet hook size to your yarn size
  • Help you resize a crochet project
  • Avoid loose stitches and holes in your amigurumi project

Have a reference of our amigurumi hook size chart and the yarn weight chart. These are going to come in handy for your crochet and amigurumi journey so we suggest you bookmark them.

Amigurumi Hook Size and Yarn Size Chart by Yarrney

How to Find the Right Hook Size to Use for Amigurumi

Every crochet project has a unique hook size that is optimal for that particular project. However, many crocheters don’t know how to find the right hook size to use for their amigurumi projects.

Don’t worry, once you start getting into the patterns, you’ll notice they all have the recommended hook size listed out for the pattern along with the corresponding yarn weight.

If you then want to change the size of an amigurumi project, you can increase your hook size and yarn size or decrease both. We’ll touch on this more in a minute. In the meantime, here are some tips on how to find the right hook size for your amigurumi projects:

1. Determine the yarn weight of the yarn you are using. This will be listed on the skein packaging. A heavier yarn will require a larger hook than a lighter-weight yarn as a rule of thumb.

2. Work backward by picking a hook, referring up to the yarn size chart and you should see if that yarn size and hook are recommended together.

At the end of the day, it isn’t an exact science. If you are missing a crochet hook size but have something very close, use it. Feel free to experiment and play around. That is part of the fun!

Do You Use Regular Crochet Hooks for Amigurumi?

One misconception is that crochet hooks for projects like hats and scarfs are different than amigurumi crochet hooks. This is mainly a beginner thought. To be clear, crochet hook sizes are universal.

It doesn’t matter if you have a hook for amigurumi or for scarfs. The only difference is that amigurumi hook sizes tend to be smaller. Especially if you are comparing it to something like a crochet hook size for a blanket which uses bulky yarn.

What is The Average Crochet Hook Size?

Hooks for amigurumi

The average crochet hook size is [4.5mm] to [5.5mm] as most projects use a middle-sized worst weight yarn. In U.S. terms you may see the crochet hook stamped from a 7 to an I-9.

85% of amigurumi projects can be made with these couple hooks unless you are looking to do micro or bulky yarn amigurumi.

Can You Use a Smaller Crochet Hook Than Recommended?

When crocheting with a smaller crochet hook than recommended, the stitches will be tighter. One of the issues of using a smaller-sized crochet hook than recommended is that the yarn will slip out from the crochet hook since it won’t be large enough to hold it. This will result in a more difficult and time-consuming project.

The solution to using a smaller crochet hook than recommended is to change your yarn size to match your new crochet hook size. If you do this, you shouldn’t have any issues and can explore the world of small and micro-sized amigurumi.

Sizes of Crochet and Amigurumi

There are really four main sizes of amigurumi projects. They are micro, small, regular and large. Most people stick to regular-sized projects and that is what a lot of patterns are set up for. To save time, some people like to make bulky yarn amigurumi and try large-sized projects. Other people take up micro amigurumi and seemly stick to that. We’d say try projects in each size and see what you like!

Yarrney Takeaway: Remember you can use the same pattern but adjust the amigurumi hook size and yarn size to increase or decrease the final result.

Large Amigurumi Projects

Large-sized amigurumi projects call for big amigurumi hooks and bulky-sized yarn. This can be a quick way to make dolls or figures if you are looking to start a crochet business. The drawback is you lose a bit of the fine details when making large amigurumi.


Regular-sized amigurumi projects fall into the worst weight category of yarn. Almost all of our projects and patterns are designed to be worst weight friendly. After all, this is the most common yarn that people have lying around.

The drawback to large amigurumi is you loose some detail. The smaller yarn weight generally translates to more detailed amigurumi.

Small and Micro Amigurumi Projects

Small and micro-projects call for micro crochet needles, tiny crochet hooks and even the smallest crochet hooks on the market.

It can be a bit harder to use a tiny crochet hook in your hand so make sure you get an ergonomic amigurumi crochet hook so it doesn’t hurt your hand.

How to Resize and Amigurumi Pattern

Often it isn’t a thought that comes to beginners’ minds. Their first thought is just to complete an amigurumi pattern and not to resize it.

As we mentioned, resizing is simple. Just increase your yarn weight and hook size as needed or decrease to get the desired project size you are looking for. There is no need to add stitches or anything!

Recommendations for Amigurumi Hooks and Yarn

Our recommendation for amigurumi hooks are always ergonomic amigurumi crochet hooks. The metal ones without good handles are cheap and your hands can hurt. You may as well get something nice since you’ll plan to have it in your hands for hours. Plus, if you get uncomfortable crochet hooks, you’ll be less likely to continue.

Get something comfortable in your hands and you’ll be happy you did.

Best Crochet Hooks for Amigurumi

Multi color ergonomic Amigurumi hooks for crochet.

The best crochet hooks for amigurumi are going to be a full set of ergonomic hooks. As we mentioned skip the metal but also skip bamboo. It may look cool but you don’t need it as a beginner.

Instead, you should get a full set of ergonomic hooks. Don’t make the mistake of buying one hook at a time. A set of ergonomic hooks are going to be the best crochet hooks for amigurumi.

Amigurumi Hook Size Conclusion

You’ll quickly notice that amigurumi hook sizes come in a bunch of sizes and well, colors. Start with an amigurumi hook size that is right in the middle like an [I-9] and is recommended for worst-weight yarn sizes. From there and once you have mastered your crochets, jump around and try the rest of the hook sizes.

If you get a set of amigurumi hooks, all the sizes will keep you busy for months!

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