Crochet Magic Ring Instructions |How to Crochet a Magic Ring

So many projects in crochet use the magic ring! You found the right place for crochet magic ring instructions. We are going to sort you out and you’ll become a magic ring expert in no time. Once you have done a few magic rings, you’ll find it very easy. It is just the first few that most people need some instruction.

Let’s get into it and learn about crocheting a magic ring or otherwise known as a magic circle!

crochet circle for beginners

What is a Magic Circle in Crochet?

A magic circle in crochet is the same thing as a magic ring. The term is interchangeable. You’ll see a magic circle as the start to many amigurumi patterns and if you want to make things like crochet balls or teddy bears. The magic circle closes off the starting area so you can’t see where it started at the end.

Key Takeaway: The magic circle is the key starting sequence in many patterns. It is an alternative way to start a crochet project as opposed to a chain stitch.

How to Crochet a Magic Circle/Magic Ring

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Start with a Loop!

Take the yarn and pull it from the skein. Loop it around your middle and pointer finger.

Make a Cross

Cross the yarn over on top of your fingers to make an “X”

Insert the Hook

Holding the loop and cross, insert your hook under the cross and grab the upper left yarn, pulling it under the cross. Twist your hook so it faces upward.

Grab the upper left yarn once more and pull it through the loop on your hook. This is your magic ring!

Adding Single Crochet to the Magic Ring

Insert your hook through the magic ring and yarn over. You should have two loops on your hook. 4:17 above. Yarn over again and pull it through both loops.

Most patterns require 6 single crochet into a magic ring so repeat this single crochet 6 times.

Close Off the Magic Ring

You’ve made it! Pull the magic ring closed using the loose end of the yarn and you’ll see your magic ring tighten up. Congrats on your magic ring!

Crochet magic ring complete

Join The Magic Ring

Take the loose end of the yarn while holding your stitches and give it a slow pull. The magic ring will start to tighten. To join the circle, use a slip stitch into the first initial stitch.

What to Learn Next

Now that you know the magic circle, you’ll be ready for a pattern. Here are two of our favorite for beginners. Start with a crochet ball or try a small animal. Keep practicing that magic circle and it will be second nature before you know it. Let us know if our magic circle instructions helped you complete your first magic circle.

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  1. After trying and trying this technique with other stitches, this single crochet stitch helped me a lot. I am a beginner crocheter so thank you for this successful project.

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