How to Make a Double Crochet (Simple Version)

Learning to double crochet is a stitch all beginners need to learn and we are here to help you along. Let’s get right into learning the double crochet stitch.

You’ll notice that double crochets are referred to as “dc” in patterns.

How to make a double crochet stitch

How to Crochet a Double Crochet

Step 1) Start by chaining (ch) to your desired length.

Step 2) Wrap the yarn over the hook and insert it in the fourth chain back from the hook.

Step 3) Pull the yarn through the chain on the project and you should have three loops on your hook at this point.

Step 4) Wrap the yarn over and pull through the first two loops on your hook. Two loops will still be on the crochet hook. Wrap the yarn over the hook again and pull through the remaining two loops. You will have completed one double crochet and one loop will remain on the hook. Repeat steps 1-4 for more double crochets.

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What to Learn Next

So that was an easy crochet stitch to learn, right? Let’s move on to the treble crochet and try that one! Congrats on learning the double crochet. Practice and it will be perfect soon. Remember to always be working on that tension too.