Is Crochet Good for Your Brain? 7 Ways it Helps Your Brain

Most people don’t get into crochet knowing it can be so good for your brain. Engage the brain’s right hemisphere when crocheting as you sit back, relax and engage in creative activities. Not only does crochet help keep your brain sharp but it can also keep your brain functions healthy. Often even people with mild cognitive impairment are recommended to crochet to improve their brain function

If you are wondering, is crochet good for your brain then read on to learn how crochet has positive benefits for your brain.

cute crochet amigurumi bear
Cute crochet amigurumi bear. Photo Credit: :Salinhan (Flickr CC)

1) It Can Reduce Stress

Some people find that crochet helps them focus and relax, while others use it as an outlet for creative energy. No matter what your reasons for crocheting are, there is no doubt that the activity can help reduce stress levels.

If you’re new to the craft, start with easy patterns that don’t require too much concentration. Once you’ve mastered basic stitches, try more challenging projects that will stretch your skills. Just disconnecting from thinking too hard or watching TV can be mentally rewarding as you feel your stress levels go down with crochet.

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2) Rewarding Projects Motivate the Brain

Rewarding projects provide a sense of satisfaction and motivation that can last long after the project is completed. Once you get into a habit of starting and completing crochet projects, don’t be surprised if you build habits to see other projects through.

It is super rewarding to your brain when you put in your last crochet stitch or assemble an amigurumi project. You get a real sense of satisfaction and you’ll probably want to get started on the next project.

3) It Can Help Relieve Depression

Life can get you down, sure, but you’ll always have crochet. Even more, crocheters are like a tight-knit family. Getting stuck into a fun and happy crochet project can totally turn your mood around.

In fact, many doctors recommend for people with depression to focus on an activity such as crochet to promote good mental health.

4) It Can Reduce Anxiety

So how else is crochet good for your brain? Just like it can help relieve depression, it can also reduce anxiety. Creative activities are a great outlet to have something to focus on when someone has anxiety.

Crocheters have to use their motor skills and focus. The two of these together can help get one’s brain off any anxiety and give them a sense of relief.

5) Repetitive Hand Movements

Want to keep your hands communicating with your brain as you get older? Don’t stop crocheting! All the repetitive hand movements in crochet are great for the brain. Doctors even recommend that patients can learn to crochet if they need to work on their motor skills or help improve a mild cognitive impairment.

Get the crochet hook and yarn working between your hands and your brain will thank you for those repetitive hand movements.

is crochet good for your brain? try this colorful pattern.
Colorful and easy crochet square. Photo Credit: linuxchic (Flickr CC)

6) Is Crochet Good for Your Brain? Yes! It Aids in Focus

If there is one thing you will learn repeatedly in crochet, it is patterns. For crochet patterns, you need a bit of focus. This all translates to being good for the brain as the brain learns these crochet patterns. You will have to increase your focus to at first learn the patterns and then apply them.

While crochet requires focus, it is also very passive. You can crochet while watching TV and your brain can generally focus on both!

7) Helps with Insomnia

Everyone knows the feeling of a hard day at work. Some people can’t even sleep with work still on their minds and they might turn on the TV. It is better to disconnect from the phones and TV in the evening if you have insomnia.

The better activities are creative activities. Try crocheting before bed. Don’t be surprised if you are able to fall asleep easier.

For people who use their logical left side of the brain all day during work, crocheting with the right side of the brain will give the other side a bit more time to unwind and rest. Hopefully, you’ll feel your mental health and sleep improving from the positive benefits of crochet.

Is Crochet Good For Your Brain? Final Thoughts

Not only is crochet good for your brain but it is good for stress, motor skills and mental health. There are so many positive benefits from creative activities such as crochet.

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