Beginner Crochet Projects (Easy to Hard) Listed

Beginner to hard crochet projects.

So you’ve joined us here on the Yarrney blog and are already subscribed over on YouTube as we worked through the basic stitched? We’re excited to round up some of the beginner crochet projects you can start looking at and completing. We will look at the easiest ones first and then move up to more advanced projects.

Stitches You Should Know for Beginner Crochet Projects

Ok, so before you start diving into patterns and tutorials, it is best to have a basic understanding of the following stitches:

It is also helpful to know how to make a slip knot, chain stitch and make a magic ring. If you’ve got all this down, you are ready for some projects.

How We Rank The Beginner Crochet Projects

There are a few things that should be considered when ranking a crochet project. The most important factors are the size, how many colors of yarn, stitches used and overall complexity.

The size is pretty self-explanatory but taking into consideration the colors of yarn, if there is a lot of color switching, it can get difficult a lot quicker than using just one or two colors. Projects with many pieces to stitch together also are complex for beginners. While they aren’t unachievable, they will just take a bit longer time.

Easy Beginner Level Crochet Projects

The Crochet Heart

crochet a small heart for free

The crochet heart is an excellent beginner crochet project. It is super easy and you can have it completed in less than 10 minutes. That said, you’ll get to practice quite a few stitches like the double and treble stitch.

Give the crochet heart a try.

Time to complete: Minimal

Complexity: 1/10

A Crochet Christmas: Very Simple Tree

Imagine it is cold outside, you are inside by a fire and you have your crochet hook in hand. Give this quick and easy beginner Christmas tree a try. You only need two colors and a little bit of time. Once completed you can use it as a desk topper or tree ornament.

Start the Christmas tree.

Time to complete: Minimal

Complexity: 2/10

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Amigurumi Bee

Next up is the amigurumi bee. This project is small enough that it won’t take long but the color changes will push your beginner skills to the limit. You’ll also have to assemble the wings which is a new challenge. You’ll be buzzing once you complete this little project. Keep your tension in control, stick to the pattern and you can do it!

Crochet the amigurumi bee.

Time to complete: Minimal

Complexity: 3/10

Step It Up with a Crochet Sheep

We step up the assembly just a bit with this amigurumi sheep. You’ll need to break out a bit of felt and thread for a few of the components. That said, the crochet part will be a barnyard breeze by now. Make this adorable little friend and add it to your collection of completed projects!

Crochet the amigurumi sheep.

Time to complete: Minimal

Complexity: 4/10

Medium Level Beginner Level Crochet Projects

Succulent Planter

For the perfect desktop piece, give this succulent planter a shot. It will never go dry! It smiles even without water. You’ll need a few shades of green, a brown and a color for your planter. We think if you are moving along as a beginner and want a challenge then you should give this a try.

Make this succulent planter.

Time to complete: Minimal

Complexity: 5/10

Why Not Crochet a Whale?

yarrney crochet whale

For a fun summer project, or year around, give this amigurumi whale a try. It is a little larger than our previous projects but you are staying in one color. You are going to need a little bit more stuffing for this one or have to make use of some old clothes. This fun whale will again test your assembly skills at the intermediate level.

Try crocheting this beginner project.

Time to complete: A few hours+

Complexity: 5/10

Other intermediate beginner projects to consider:

Hard Beginner Level Crochet Projects

Balloon Dog Crochet Pattern

Blue balloon dog amigurumi by Yarrney

You’ll feel like a kid again with this crochet balloon dog. It’s just like being at a carnival or fair except this balloon dog never deflates. While it’s a larger project, you can get it done all with one color. Don’t get deflated if you get stuck, work through it!

Crochet a balloon dog.

Time to complete: Over a day.

Complexity: 5/10

Get Crabby with a Crochet Crab

You’ll feel beach-bound with another summer project. This crochet crab will test your skills over a few days. You are going to have to approach this pattern with patience and determination as there are quite a few color changes, something you will see with these advanced beginner projects.

Get started on the crab.

Time to complete: A few days

Complexity: 6/10

Slowly Step It Up Further With a Crochet Snail

amigurumi snail pattern by yarrney

You can take this pattern at a snail’s pace. Slow and steady. We know you’ll get this one done. Not only is it fun to look at but kids love to play with this one. Keep practicing those color changes in this pattern.

Crochet a snail.

Time to complete: Over a few days

Complexity: 8/10

Try Your Skills With a Crochet Peacock

To cap off the advanced beginner crochet projects, we recommend this peacock. Not for the faint of heart. You’ll need determination to stick with this project over multiple days. It is large and time-consuming but the result is beautiful like you’d expect. Get started now!

Make this peacock.

Time to complete: Multiple days

Complexity: 10/10

Other Advanced Beginner Projects to Try:

Wrapping Up Beginner Crochet Projects [Easy to Hard] Ranked

That’s probably plenty to keep you busy for a while. Work on your skills and you can progress from easy to hard overtime, not overnight. If you want to crochet along with us on new projects, be sure to join us over at YouTube. Have fun and we’ll see you soon!