How Long Does It Take to Learn Crochet? (A Clear Guide)

Crochet is something you can do your entire life at any age but a lot of people have a fear of getting started. They often ask how long does it take to learn crochet. Surprisingly you can get started in a few minutes and be making your first projects in hours. We’ll explain the 3 stages of crochet, what a learning plan looks like and how long it takes to master crochet.

how much time it takes to learn crochet

The Beginner Stage of Learning to Crochet

As with any skill, the initial steps in crochet can be both exciting and slightly daunting. Most people look into crochet but don’t even pick up the crochet hooks. At the very beginning, you’ll spend your time learning new stitches, holding the yarn and hook, and trying to decipher the patterns. During this stage, patience is key.

You’re building muscle memory and understanding the basics of crochet. Here’s a general guideline for the beginner phase:

Hours of PracticeSkill LevelAccomplishments
5-10 hoursAbsolute BeginnerLearn foundation chain, single, and double crochet stitches. Practice tension control. Start with simple swatches.
10-20 hoursBasic ProficiencyFamiliarize yourself with more stitches like half-double and treble crochet. Work on small projects like dishcloths, round balls, bookmarks.
20-30 hoursBuilding ConfidenceGain better control of tension. Practice reading and following basic patterns. Create simple hats or simple amigurumi projects.

Moving to The Intermediate Phase

Congratulations! You’ve surpassed the beginner stage of crochet and are now ready to tackle more intricate projects. The beginner stage is where most people drop off. If you can just stick it out past the beginner stage then you are already ahead of most crafters. Intermediate crocheters possess a solid understanding of various stitches and can follow moderately complex patterns. Here’s what you can expect during this next phase:

Hours of PracticeSkill LevelAccomplishments
30-50 hoursSkilled CrocheterExpand stitch repertoire (e.g., shell stitches, bobbles). Try colorwork. Create blankets, shawls, and multi-piece amigurumi projects.
50-80 hoursPattern ProficientIncrease confidence in reading and executing diverse patterns. Experiment with textured stitches.
80-120 hoursGrowing ArtistryRefine tension consistency. Start becoming a true artist in crochet.

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The Advanced Stages Of Crochet and Amigurumi Mastery

Once you’ve put in 100 hours, you are most likely a crochet master. There shouldn’t be a pattern you can conquer with time. You possess an arsenal of skills, can decipher complex patterns, and are ready to conquer the world of amigurumi.

There shouldn’t be a multi-part patten that is too difficult to complete, as long as you have the time. Here’s the path to advanced crochet and amigurumi mastery:

Hours of PracticeSkill LevelAccomplishments
120-200 hoursAdvanced ExpertExpertly maintain tension. Confidently modify patterns for customization. Craft intricate wearables, amigurumi and accessories.
200+ hoursAmigurumi MasterThe sky is the limit. You probably have a full shelf full of amigurumi projects by now and yarn to go along with it!

Remember, these hour ranges are just general guidelines. Your journey might take more or less time based on your learning style, the amount of practice you invest, and your overall commitment in crochet. Crocheting is not just about speed; it’s about enjoying the process and celebrating the progress you make along the way.

So let’s imagine you just want to get started. You can head over to Yarrney’s Youtube and work on the very basic stitches. From there, we teach you how to go from never picking up a crochet hook to making all types of amigurumi.

Starting out in crochet

Just Start: We Can’t Stress it Enough

Don’t get caught up in all the different choices of yarn and hooks in the beginning. Get a cheap set of hooks, all sizes, a ball of yarn and start following along. The two toughest parts of crochet are picking up the hook to get started and sticking through the beginner stage.

If you can do both of these then you’ll be surprised what you can create with crochet and how much fun it can be.

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How Long Does It Take to Learn Crochet: Final Thoughts

Learning crochet is a journey that rewards patience, persistence, and passion. As you progress from a novice crocheter to an amigurumi master, you’ll get better with each stitch you master and project you complete. So, grab your hook and yarn, and start learning if you are new to crochet.

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